Free Tcl Programs

This software was developed for the Federal Reserve Board as part of my official Board duties. Therefore, this software is not "copyrightable" by anyone. It exists in the public domain.

Should you wish to use this software, or any portion thereof, in your own software program, if the new software program (which integrates U.S. Government software) is ever copyrighted, it should include a publication notice indicating which portions of the program belong to the United States Government. According to the United States Copyright Office:

Publications Incorporating U. S. Government Works

Works by the U. S. Government are not eligible for U. S. copyright protection. For works published on and after March 1, 1989, the previous notice requirement for works consisting primarily of one or more U. S. Government works has been eliminated. However, use of a notice on such a work will defeat a claim of innocent infringement as previously described provided the notice also includes a statement that identifies either those portions of the work in which copyright is claimed or those portions that constitute U. S. Government material.

Example: 2002 Jane Brown. Copyright claimed in Chapters 7-10, exclusive of U. S. Government maps

Copies of works published before March 1, 1989, that consist primarily of one or more works of the U. S. Government should have a notice and the identifying statement.

There is very little documentation available on these at present...

  • OutWindow
  • GetInput
  • Geturl
  • menuHelp
  • RCS
  • FanXE (Fantastic XML Editor)

  • W. Klink <>